We partner with Recruiters for leads and sourcing

We establish partnerships to share sourcing companies and candidates. Details at the Recruiting Partnership Guide

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We partner with Recruiters and share 33%-50% of fees

We have multiple clients on retainer with active searches. We can take candidates that fit the criteria and share the fee. We also produce candidates looking for work that do not apply to our current sourcing or talent companies.

You can consult details at Recruiting Partnership Guide

Our Focus

We help software engineers get roles in remote positions for startups. We interview and evaluate them and help them in the entire job search process.

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Our candidates look for startups and direct employment opportunities. Dev shops are discouraged but can be considered for exceptional opportunities.


Our candidates look for salaries from and above 60k/yr.

Vetted Argentinian Candidates

All our candidates are from Argentina and look for remote positions. We interview the candidates ourselves before recommending them anywhere.


If you want to explore a partnership with Silver.dev, sign up today and we will reach out promptly. If you have any questions you can also contact us directly at whatsapp.