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We help build remote careers for engineers with direct positions in ambitious tech startups

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Our Focus

We work with and advocate for product startups.

We are not a middleman - we want you to work independently and ambitiously. We will be greedy for you.

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We are not a software shop or a middleman. You work directly with companies and receive full salaries and benefits.


We work with entry-level positions up to top-of-market salaries. We want to get you to the next level, and help you plan for the one above.


We help you understand the market, prep you for interviews, and help you plan and understand how to grow your career.


We are mission-driven and we share our experience in our Podcast: Tecnología Informal

Our Talent Services

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Company Sourcing

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  • We represent the company
  • Free propietary resources
  • Light Interview Prepping

Candidate Coaching

of your first-year cash compensation increase
  • We represent YOU
  • Risk & smoke free
  • Unrestricted Interview Prepping
  • Led by a Staff Engineer

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