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By Gabriel Benmergui for Software Engineers.

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Our Focus

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

    We help you 24/7 to get you the best results possible, at our own risk.

  • For Active interviewees as well as Employees

    We can help you wether you are trying to increase your current salary or negotiation a new job offer.

  • We prep you and fight for you

    We represent your interests - we teach you how to negotiation and help you manage thorny and stressful situations. We are in your corner!

Real Cases of Negotiations

Golang Engineer

A week of back & forth hectic negotiations

Negotiated contract terms that signficantly impacted the bottomline for both candidate and company

iOS Engineer

Leveraged counter-offers in 8 hours

Applied effective pressure with existing offers to increase the final offer significantly.

Software Engineer in Testing

Change in job role & description

Managed and increased the companies, achieving a much higher salary,

Our Philosophy

Negotiating effectively requires expertise, experience and steeled nerves. Listen to our podcast to understand how we get you the most.



of your post-negotiation salary increase
  • No cost unless we increase your salary
  • You keep 80% of the increase
  • Only on Cash Compensation