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We help you get higher job offers at better companies and negotiate new and existing offers. A program by Gabriel Benmergui for Software Engineers.

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Success Cases

Real cases from Silver.dev's coaching program

Golang Engineer


Negotiated contract terms that signficantly impacted the bottomline

Frontend Engineer

110K Offer
Interview search and prepping

From no offer to a hefty equity + cash option at a top VC startup.

iOS Engineer

Counter-offer generation

To gain leverage at the current job position, we created a 190k cash-offer, eventually negotiating a 45k increase that became the norm for multiple engineers at the company

Our Service

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

    We devote our entire attention to you. We tailor our coaching and help to what you need and to get you results. Around-the-clock responsive support on Whatsapp for any of your needs.

  • Finding Opportunities

    We help you get through the door. Resume and application prepping. Job & Opportunities Scouting. Company Research.

  • Interview Prep

    Resources, mock interviews, prepping, and evaluation. We help you go from 0 to acing coding, system design, and behavioral interviews.

  • Negotiation

    We help you negotiate better total compensation packages, with the experience to get over 50k/yr more for candidates. We will help you navigate the market and get the best offers you can get.


For fine print and details you can consult the FAQ


of your first-year cash compensation increase
  • No upfront cost
  • Capped at 20% yearly salary
  • Based on your best offer or salary
  • Only on Cash Compensation


Current Salary or Offer (Salary/Equity)Improved OfferWin-Win Fee
100k/0200k/100k40k* (cap applies)
100k/0No Offer0

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